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Posted September 16, 2015 by Ablebrain
How strange it is to be sitting beside a man who I thought was kidding 
about life and its registration and admission. 
 Though he was around for hide and seek,
 little did I know my anger was at peak. 
Anger towards the Sam within my soul, 
the Sam that didn’t give a damn about what this man sold: 
brass, bronze, silver or gold. 
It didn’t seem to be within reach.
 It didn’t seem like I could learn from the teach, 
not everything is what it seems.
Posted September 4, 2015 by Ablebrain
I thought I had some shit figured out n I didn’t,
thought I was on the right path but it was myself I was kiddin',
the sun goes down at night, but my thoughts are always risen,
in my own lil prison,
that I choose to continue sittin' in.
so fuck the numbness,
fuck the fog,
I want to be able to feel real again.
Smell the flowers,
touch his skin,
I want to be able to reverse this pain.