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Listen to Me Survey: Trans and Non-Binary Experiences of Healthcare

This study will gather information on how those of us who are transgender and non-binary identified people, experience the healthcare system. The study will help to understand how doctors and medical staff can provide better healthcare through understanding diverse genders. The study will help to understand how we manage gender “outness” with our doctors and how this affects our wellbeing. The researchers are interested in learning how everybody describes “outness” and all the varieties of ways we describe our identities.

For the purpose of this study the researchers describe “outness” as the degree to which your gender and/or sexuality are known by and discussed with others (e.g., doctor, parent(s), work peers). The research team is planning to work with transgender and non-binary communities in creative ways to create new tools for doctors to be better at providing healthcare. This research has been approved by University of Guelph Ethics Review REB #16NV034. For questions please contact ruthn [at]


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