Art and Photography, an Update by Wayne

Posted September 9, 2014 by

Last September I wrote about having some success with my hobby. When I was diagnosed HIV positive and left my job, I needed a hobby so I used some of my money to buy a decent digital camera and get back to my love of photography. I take most of my photos in colour but black & white are by far my favourites. If I think one of my photos would look good in black and white, thanks to digital technology, it’s just an extra click on a photo program.

Last August I took a picture the sun going down behind the reeds in a pond out at the old prison property and a local artist seen it on my flickr page. She contacted me and asked if she could use it as inspiration for a piece of art. I was thrilled that anyone would even ask; I agreed right away. She did tell me that her creation wouldn't look identical but the spirit of my photo would be noticeable, I guess that the best way to describe it.

Well last week I was checking new photos from my friends and contacts on flickr and there it was, a photo of her finished artwork of my photo. With it were a couple close up pictures to show how it was created, she calls herself a thread painter. She creates everything with a sewing machine and fabric. I find it to be so original, one of a kind and it would be hard to recreate this piece.

The artist's name is Sharron Begg and she will be showing her piece of art at the Elora Centre for The Arts in Elora Ontario from Monday, May 21st to Sunday, July 1st. The piece is called "Through The Reeds". I really want to go, I have yet to meet her actually.

This brings me to making the decision, finally, to start showing my photos - its artwork too - so I'm looking for places that I can do that. Two weeks ago an email from the Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition was forwarded to me seeking artists from the LGBTQ community to display artwork at their "Discussion on Diversity" event on June 14th. I have applied to see if I can show mine, I sent them four samples that I would be showing. I have the frames ready, pictures are blown up to fit, including the one that was the inspiration for the artwork. I'm not allowed to sell anything there but I am able to provide contact information. I am tapping my foot waiting to hear back telling me I am accepted. When I do get the call I will post info. Crossing my fingers.

And that isn't all that I'm excited about. I was given a teaser from ACG about a program that is upcoming that will involve photography and I can get be a part of it. I don't have all the details yet so when its about to take off, they will be sending it out to other possible participants. So stay tuned and sign up, all events are "no experience necessary".

*Sharron Beggs has given me permission to mention her in this blog.