Being POZ on the Internet - Part two

Posted September 9, 2014 by


Every warning you have heard about protecting your personal information on the internet is completely true. Everything put up on the internet can be copied or shared and you have no control over it after you post it. Just like this blog entry, it can be deleted tomorrow but it could have been copied by someone and kept in their computer and changed or used in ways that I didn’t mean it too. Hopefully this never happens. Using some basic computer lingo, all you have to do, is COPY, EDIT and PASTE and this could all read very different.

When you use chatrooms, this can happen more frequently. When you put up a profile on the site it isn’t protected. All chatrooms require that you post certain information to open the account, they claim it is protected but if someone really knows how computers work, they can still search for what is known as an IP number. All computers require one to be connected to the internet.

Most sites don’t require you to post a picture, it’s just an option. The more you tell people about yourself, the more attention you will attract. Some sites only require and email address and a/s/l which is age, sex and location. Some people choose to post their picture on another site and show the link in their profile. These pictures can still be copied if you know what you are doing. I have had my picture copied, used in a phoney profile and made to look like someone who practices reckless behaviour. I have trusted people with my personal information during conversations and when a disagreement happened with those persons, they told the whole chatroom my HIV status and claimed that I don’t tell people my status. They even claimed to have it in writing from me. All I can figure is they used the COPY, EDIT and PASTE method to create the statement.

I just learned about something new on “facebook”. They have something called “People Here Now” or “Places I Check Into”. It’s where you post where you are by way of your phone, and on your facebook page it will show a map and verifies you are at that location. There was a story on the news where a woman had been using this feature, she was on vacation in another country. Friends of her friends saw that she was gone for two weeks; they went to her place and robbed it.

For every safety feature that comes out, there are people out there who find ways to get around them.

Below are some tips on things to watch for:

  • Never do cam to cam chats. What you do on camera can be copied by the other person and put up on porn sites.
  • Find the privacy settings on all sites and use them. Limit strangers from finding you. It is always better to be safe than popular; you don’t know who is watching.
  • Don’t post a picture right away. If you chat with someone and things progress and you feel comfortable, you can exchange one through emails.
  • Be aware that most people lie about certain things in their profiles.
  • Never give your phone number or home address to anyone too soon.
  • Only agree to meet in a public location. Never agree to meet in the middle of the night. Some people can be what’s known as a “No Show”.
  • - Let a friend know where you are going and let them know if things are going alright.
  • - During your conversations with people, listen for red flags - they are there.

These are just a few things we should all watch for. 
If you have anything else,please feel free to comment and share that experience with us. 

Remember, you don’t have to use your real name!

Take care and be safe.