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A few days ago I was at a doctors appointment that finished off with me waiting in the lobby for my ride.  As I was waiting in the lobby, I noticed that there was a person who appeared to be waiting for someone.

A few minutes later a little child, probably about six or seven years old came in with somebody who appeared to be the child's grandparent.  The child immediately darted over to the person who was waiting in the lobby; this was the child's parent.  The child was crying hysterically and telling their parent how the kids at school told the child how they didn't like the child's hair or the way the child dressed.  This was probably the first time I realized how much bullying can hurt somebody emotionally.  I was heartbroken for this little child.  I didn't know if I should say something.  I didn't want the parent to think that I was a creep.

The child's parent went somewhere and the grandparent went into the pharmacy to get the little child a drink; I took this opportunity to talk to the little child.  I looked over to them and asked if the kids at school were picking no on them. "Yes," they said to which I replied, "I think your hair looks awesome and I like the way you dress."  They looked shocked and gave me a shy, "Thank you."  I told them that they need to understand that they are a beautiful person inside and out and to pay no attention to the mean things the kids at school say to them.  My ride came and I said, "Goodbye," to them.

Six months ago (before I got diagnosed) I probably wouldn't have done what I did.  I would have felt sorry for the child, but I never would not have said anything.  I just wanted them to know that the things these kids were saying to them weren't true.  Hopefully they went home feeling a bit better about themself.

You hear about these young kids that get bullied so much they kill themselves.  Studies show that bullying victims are between two and nine times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims; scary numbers.

I was never bullied as a kid, but I do know what depression and thoughts of suicide feel like.  To think that children could have these feelings is depressing in itself.