Eye Water

Posted September 4, 2015 by

I thought I had some shit figured out n I didn’t,

thought I was on the right path but it was myself I was kiddin',

the sun goes down at night, but my thoughts are always risen,

in my own lil prison,

that I choose to continue sittin' in.

so fuck the numbness,

fuck the fog,

I want to be able to feel real again.

Smell the flowers,

touch his skin,

I want to be able to reverse this pain.

Too long without a tear from an eye is a soul too long away from emotional rain.

Inside my shell I was acclimatized,

blue eyes turned to grey,

why no water, shit's insane.

Then one day,

the dam opened up,

from the force of the weight,

of the flowing tears belonging to a girl with profound confused faith.

She knows what she wants and imagines a world,

where her desires with reality and her heart with mind,

in unity swirl.