Gordon (Blog #47)

Posted August 26, 2014 by

As I turned 56 at the beginningof the month I am reminded of my late husband ,who's
birthday was three days before. But one year younger.This poem is for him. 

The flame of the candle dances with my every word.
Are my prayers and hopes ever heard?
One more birthday,one more year,
Each one lonely without you here.
What am I to do, now that you've gone away?
I think of you each and everyday.
You were my life my friend and soul mate,
Not many people can relate.
They seem to think with time I'll heal,
My heartache for you is still so real.
How can they expect me to forget you existed.
When deaths claws you calmly resisted.
Only for me you stayed as long as you could,
You didn't give in when others thought you would.
You bared the pain until the end,
I had to let go of my very best friend.
The battle fought and gaulently won,
I prayed for you under a setting sun.
May you rest in peace my beloved mate,
I know you wait for me at the final gate.
Love and thoughts of you tucked away,
Waiting patiently for that special day.
love Church Mouse