How I Became a Blogger

Posted September 9, 2014 by

Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog for ACG, so I apologize for being gone so long and get busy here.

Again, just one more time, I really have to thank Megan DePutter and the ACG for running the Positive Prevention - Train the Trainer course. I was able to take it the second time it was going and then I volunteered to help with the third installment. When I started the course, I had no real plans of doing anything with it when it was over except to use the tools that I learned to help me take better care of myself and my health.

During my time in the course I spoke many times about being on the internet going into chatrooms and dating sites and shared some of the things I had experienced. I also shared many things you need to be aware of, so Megan suggested that I do some social media stuff and write something for the ACG Current Events blog about those experiences. Thats when things began to change for me. I wrote that article and then another and as of today and this blog, I have written 12 in total. I thought I had something to say, something to share. It was a way to advocate for Positive Prevention, to help stop the stigma and promote safe sex.

Megan showed me a couple internet sites that posted blogs and suggested I read some of it so I could see how it all works. I did follow one in particular, I was very drawn to one writer in particular, his name is Bob Leahy. I sent him an email to tell him I liked his stories and his photos. I was fortunate that he emailed back and we have become friends. I told him about my blog postings on here and he liked what I was doing, so it was great for me to get that feedback.

Then one day, I was at a Hep C workshop in Kitchener and I was impressed to see what was being done in our area to help control the spread this disease. I approached Bob Leahy and asked if he would be interested in writing a story for PositiveLite on the Sanquen Centre, the first Hep C clinic in Canada and how they compliment the services of ACG and ACCKWA in Guelph Cambridge & Kitchener/Waterloo. The reply I got from Mr. Leahy was, "I think you should write it." I was very surprised and not sure if I could do anything on that level. I then asked Megan to do it and she basically said I should do it as well. With some encouragement, I decided, "alright, I'll do it". Knowing it will be read and edited by Bob before going up online made it a little bit easier, just a little bit, I admit, I was very nervous.

Well........that story needed a few very minor edits and it did very well for the I was told and I do believe them. I have now written another onethat did very well, so well that they have asked me to be a regular contributor to their site. This is a good thing for me, I am so thankful to everyone who pushed me, and encouraged me to do this, it has been exactly what I needed. I have something to do again, my self-esteem level is way up, this is a very good year for me.

If anyone is thinking they would like to do something like this but unsure of their talents, don't dwell on it, try it. I didn't think I could do it. Social Media is the biggest communication service out there now, I'm learning how to do it as I go. Like all things in the technical world, it changes daily so you have to keep on top but as you make connections online, it becomes so much easier and friendlier. What you have to say can be read all around the world in seconds.

The last installment of Positive Prevention is starting on May 19, 2011 and I will be volunteering to help in some areas. I encourage you to sign up, if only for the tools to help you live better, healthier and/or getting involved to help others. For more information, contact Megan DePutter and come on out, you don't even have to cook on those nights, dinner is served.