I Go From Participant to Facilitator

Posted September 9, 2014 by

On May 24, 2011 I facilitated my first workshop called, "Photography as a hobby" and it went very well. I say my first because there may come a day when I would want to do another one, if I find a topic I know something about. Hmmm, maybe .........ummmm, blogging?, hmmmm!

It was very challenging sitting on the otherside of the table, and it was very tension filled too. Speaking in public isn't and hasn't been one of my strong points. Slowly this is all changing. I have to give alot of the credit to the Positive Prevention - Train the Trainer course I had the chance of taking. When I started it, I had no real intention of doing anything with it but near the end I thought about getting involved with the social media part. I spend too much time on the computer anyway doing things on "facebook" and "twitter" which are two of the biggest social media sites. Workshop facilitation was the far from being a possible goal for me but now I have one under my belt.

My workshop was based mostly on what I know and what I do as a hobby, I am not a professional but I do get some attention from people I share my photos with. I enjoy taking pictures, its a way to make some "ME" time. If I get stressed out or feel a little lonely, I pack up the backpack and head out for several hours. When I get home I can't wait to upload them onto the computer to see if I really got the pictures I was hoping for.

I will admit, it didn't all go smooth, I was very nervous at first and there were things I could have done better but thank you for feedback. I have a great appreciation for the participants as well, there was enough conversation on the topic that brought out more information than I had compiled for the workshop, thanks guys and gals. Good or bad, I can't wait to see all the feedback, I do want to try this again and I'm open to learn from you.

The workshop was topped off by going on a field trip, and we didn't have far to go. Just a couple blocks away there are some trails down along the river. Everyone got into taking some interesting pictures that we hope to publish into a book form to share. I have seen some of the pictures already, its so interesting to see how we all seen something but took the picture just a little different. That is the secret though, to quote Ansel Adams a great American photographer, "You don't take a photograph, you make it."

I would like to thank Megan DePutter and the ACG for allowing me to do this, it was a good thing for me, one more step in my journey forward. Heck, I have to thank everyone at the ACG, I have accessed all of the services at least once, so they have mentors to me. I guess I'm living proof, you are never too old to learn new things.