I RE-Learned a New Word

Posted September 9, 2014 by

On January 19th the ACG held a workshop on "Resiliency" so I signed up to take it, not really understanding what exactly it is. I don't even use this word. I don't use the vocabulary that most people seem to use. I was once described as being or having a "fiduciary" something something. I learned it meant something about the job I had done as a caretaker or being a caretaker, I don't know. See, I can't even explain it.

As we went through the workshop I learned that I have confronted many situations in my life with resiliency; I got through many of them and became a better person because of how I handled it. It might have been easier if I had known what it was, that it had a name. Only one problem with that was, it started long before computers and Google. Many times I thought, "I can't do this, I can't do that", I would make excuses to not even try. I have always been my worst critic and to some people, they think I put myself down too much. To be honest I would prefer having more feedback in my life than praise for the things I do.

When I was training for a new career a few years ago, two of the places I did my practical work in checked everything off in my report as "excellent, perfect, very good". I knew I didn't do everything perfect, I even had to be told a few things over and over, "you have to do it this way, you have to be faster". Then I went to a third place to work and at the end, my supervisor wasn't as impressed with my performance and she put it in writing. I was actually relieved; I had some things I had to work on..... finally.

Getting through this career change was a test of resiliency. I was 52 years old, I was told my job was ending after twenty seven years - what was I going to do? I knew I had to make a plan and it had to be something far from what I was doing. I worked in factories for over 30 years, I did not want to go back and those jobs don't hire people in their 50's much. I set up the plan, I believed in it and convinced all the people I needed to help me realize it, and then it all fell into place. A year later and I was working again. Everywhere I applied for work wanted to interview me and I was hired by three employers.

Taking the Resiliency course allowed me to remember all the times I was in a stressful place but here I am today. There are solutions to getting past these times and this course gave me a better understanding of what I had experienced. I also learned ways to cope with getting through them. What I am doing here is a part of me being resilient, going forward, hopefully giving encouragement to others to look at themselves and realize what they need in their lives to move on to be healthier and happier. I find most of the courses are common-sense based - I know this stuff but I don't recognize it as being this or that, I just do things. Now I learn why they are important, why I did it this way or why I should do some things a little differently next time. Being in a group also helps; you can learn from others’ experiences.

So if there is any message from me to you on this subject, if you know there are things you need to do to move forward and be healthier and happier, be "Resilient", take this course the next time it runs and any others that will be offered. The ACG strives to use competent facilitators to present these workshops and many times PHA's like ourselves can be a part of the presentation as was the case in this workshop. Another point I should make here, in all the workshops it is of the utmost importance that information shared is confidential and private. What is said in the class stays in the class. I have been to many workshops over the last few years and I find others are very respectful of this rule. Everyone is very supportive of the others.