It had to be his smile.

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In my previous blog, I apparently put the cart before the horse so to speak. In order to have my stories flow, I will share with you how I met my soul mate/best friend, Gordon. It was Halloween of 1990. A local pickup hockey team was hosting their annual dance before the season started. I hesitated about going because I had just come out of a bad relationship,but then again I didn't want to sit home and watch the paint dry. Not having put much thought into what I was going to wear as a costume, I quickly scoured the place looking for and borrowing accessories such as cameras and sunglasses, suntan lotion and a map.The final outcome was a tacky tourist ensemble, which included a highly unusual sunburn considering the fact that it was the end of October. This I achieved with a excessive amount of makeup.A busy, multi-coloured shirt and a mismatched pair of shorts completed my look. I was hardly a damsel in distress, except maybe for some fashion advice! And off we went.

Part way through the night, as I am chatting with friends and munching on snacks, out of the darkness emerges... my knight in shining armour? Wait a minute.....Oh, greatĀ  - he is wearing big red shoes a fuzzy red wig and .......of course the trade mark red nose! Awwwwww. Good grief, and he's coming my way! Five minutes ago I was dodging a guy in army fatigues who wreaked like a brewery. I've nowhere to go we have made eye contact. First words out of his mouth: "Don't I know you from somewhere? I 'm sure we've met!" Being a bit annoyed at his unoriginal line and not wanting to get involved or hurt once again, I sort of gave him the brush off by saying, ''well that was original!" Gordon must have seen something beyond my flamboyant costume and the sarcastic attitude because his persistence prevailed and we briefly got to know one another.

Before we knew, it my ride was leaving with or without me. Since I was sitting close to the wall in a booth, Gordon wouldn't let me out until he got my number.That wasn't a problem because most of the players knew my sis and her husband as he was also a team member. Unknown to us, that night something wonderful was set in motion and the fortress walls that my knight had built around himself slowly started to crumble and over time turned to sand, sliding to the ground to reveal a man of great strength and character. His love, support courage and faith has kept me afloat and pushes me to meet the challenges of being left behind.