Missing you Valentine's Day

Posted September 8, 2014 by

Missing You Valentines Day 2014,

The sky is grey and my heart is blue. The day doesn't mean much without you! 
It's been seventeen years since the last Valentines day we shared. I always knew how much you cared.
Our marriage too short to say,all that should have been said.We were never sure what laid ahead.
That day we joined our hearts as one. Family and friends and a setting sun.
My love for you will never die. I've said this with a heavy sigh.
There are no easy answers why you had to go, God is the only one to know.
For me life goes on to my dismay, as I think of you each and every day.
"I love you more than you will know."Those words you said in a voice so low.
Kindred spirit and soulmate. I know you wait for me at heavens gate.
Until then memories are all I have of you Len my dear. On yet another Valentine's day, another year.

Love always your loving wife.