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It must be time to slow down because I just notice I missed the second anniversary of my first blog debuting on ACG's site way back on August 9th 2010. So this means my second year at is coming up March 30th as well. This entry will be my 29th blog posting for ACG and I have written 82 for PositiveLite, I didn't realize I had this much to say.

When I started I was as green as you can get, I had no idea what I was doing. I remember there was a book I had read, "If you can talk, you can write" by a guy named Joel Saltzman. I read it, many years ago. I did try to write a few times but gave up. I still don't think I will write a next great novel, but blogging is a form of writing that I can do. It is a lot like talking, so why not write it.

The incentive for me to start was knowing that I had two great mentors/editors in Megan DePutter at ACG and Bob Leahy at PositiveLite. They cleaned up my articles so that they read better. I don't know how true it is but they have told me they have had to do less editing as time went by. So if my English in some blogs sounds a little too refined to be me, that’s because it’s Bob's work. I have warned him to be careful doing it because people will expect me to talk like that.

Something else that motivated me to get involved in blogging was having my HIV status go public on the internet. Once it was out there I couldn't hide from it, but I could get involved in helping people better understand HIV and to help end the stigma that I was subjected to that day. I wanted to share my story and put a face to this disease and hopefully reach someone else who could relate. I read many blogs by other writers and I can relate to some of their stories or find out new things I should watch for to live a better and healthier life.

I have been able to move away from just writing about myself and offer my opinion on other subjects, like homophobia, stigma, or I write about my photography, a movie or television shows I watch. I am aware that I'm living with HIV 24 hours a day but it isn't something I have to worry about every hour of the day. Life goes on, normally! I work, I play and I still do most of the things I use to, just a little slower now.

Now, thanks to social media I am communicating and sharing information with people across the country and around the world. To hear from a young American living in Japan, that he was following my blog and was inspired to go on and tell his story, or an older gentleman in Toronto who wanted to talk to me about going public with his real name; these are some of the best rewards I could receive. The older gentleman in Toronto, he is now the Publisher for

I have tried to do my own blog site, several times. It was frustrating to see that no one was reading it. This is where social media came in. You have to be on Facebook and twitter and a few other places where you can post links to your blog. I like to make fun of learning to use programs on the internet; once I learn how to use them, I tell people, "it is so easy, even I can do it." There are easier ways of doing social media than I was use to. I was introduced to another program recently that makes much of the social media jobs easier. I was told about it ages ago but fought off having to learn something new. With this new program, I can schedule all the posts to social media and take off for the day.

Now I am doing the Facebook page for, plus I'm writing and scheduling the tweets to go up on Twitter. I haven't mastered the "Smart Phone", so I'm not doing any of that while on the run and it helps that I don't have one..........yet! I believe I am being smart in telling myself I don't need one. Once someone has one of those phones, they really do stop communicating in a human way, and become “app-dicted” as well; an app for this, an app for that. Look around you, you don't even have to leave your home, someone around you right now is clutching their phone and paying little attention to you.

I use social media, social media doesn't use me. I find I spend a lot of time online and less time with the people around me. I do need to work on this part. If I'm out with people, most of the time, I have my phone off or on vibrate and I am present in the moment.

Part of the inspiration to write yet another blog about blogging is because ACG has a call out to anyone who might be interested in getting started. Now that some of us have our feet in the door there is plenty of experience to learn from. Megan Deputter, Olivia Kijewski and myself are all blogging on as well as ACG's site. We haven't been able to sit down for our first meeting yet so there is still time to get in on this workshop.

To make one suggestion that was given to me, "it might be a good thing for you". It was for me and it seems I'm well into my third year of blogging, I didn't get bored with it. I didn't stop. I do get writers block from time to time but a detour out in the real world can be all that I need to get back on track.

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