A Once Shattered Dream (An extension of "A Shattered Dream")

Posted September 16, 2014 by

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.
My life has proven this to me time and time again.
The one time of course that I questioned this scenario was the day I found out I was HIV+.


It still baffles me today when I think of how my life has shifted so dramatically from where I thought I was heading. 

Would I do it all over again? This is something I hear people ask about their own lives.  When I reflect on my own, my answer is, “with a few minor adjustments I suppose I would”. 

What is the point though, of knowing for certain where your life is going to take you next? I know that I would not want to see into my future.  I am curious though as to why my life has unfolded as it has.  Why did I have to contract HIV, and invite it into a life that appeared so normal?

I often question whether having HIV was a blessing in disguise? In being HIV+ I have been able to connect with many people and share my story.  I have been able to influence people at vulnerable stages in their lives, and to give them hope when life felt a bit too challenging. These are blessings that wouldn’t have been available to me without HIV.  

I suppose deep down inside I am alright with being HIV+. Half my life has been built around it. I can only keep moving forward with utmost dignity; recognizing that I am a survivor and a mentor to some.  I extend many thanks to those who have made this possible.