Our Camp

Posted September 5, 2014 by

Even though others have shared this sacred space,
For one week we enjoyed our special place.
Tradition is what this place is all about....
Native,spiritual,acceptence there's no doubt.
Friendships made and compassion shared.....
Life's pain and frustrations sometimes bared.
The tears we shed are accepted here,
From year to year and peer to peer.
An expression of how much we care,
To let them flow if we dare.
This place is where we feel understood,
By campers ,staff ,we knew they would.
The trees show signs of change on the way,
While we enjoy a beautiful day.
A dip in the morning in the lake,
Or a prayer for a friend ,or your own sake.
We are a community linked by a touch of fate,
We've experienced love or even hate.
Stigma is a challenge we share,
Alone it can be hard to bare.
Here we can help each other to cope,
Support and encouragement and lots of hope.
So as we prepare to get on our way,
We wish we could have one more day.
We take with us memories of happy faces,
Buried treasures in unique places.
The flame of friendships ignited,
Promises to keep in touch until reunited.
Hugs and goodbyes passed all around,
As we are homeward bound.
The week has ended much too quick,
From the sandy beach to the burnt candle wick.
So watch for those Wendake moments throughout the year,
Of wonderful moments and people you met here.
Until we meet again at a place set apart,
A place dear to my own heart.