Success with my Hobby

Posted September 9, 2014 by

I have never wanted to have any of my photos put to paper or enlarged....yet, but I think it is time for one of them. It feels kind of weird to be doing it but I think I am going to start a portfolio, oh yeah! I wanted to create something with my hobby that I could share with others and hope that some would actually like it. I had tried to do things like this years ago with a good film camera but I failed about 95% of the time. However, I was very good at taking pictures of people, kids in the family and events. In that catagory, I'd have to say I succeeded 99% of the time, once I got the hang of it.

The picture included with this blog post is the one I'm talking about. It's almost a fluke that I even took it in the first place. Given the conditions in which it was taken, I had no idea how it would look up on the computer. They all look somewhat great when I see them in the back of my camera. I took 5 shots from different angles but settled on sharing this one on my site.

I posted it online August 15th and on the 17th I got the compliment of a lifetime. I was contacted by a local artist who wanted permission to use it for a "threadpainting" piece of artwork based on the photo. She did say that it may not look exactly like the actual photo but it will be the inspiration. She gave me the links to her website and her flickr page so I had to check her out. I was very impressed and now I am really excited to see what she does with this project.

If she is able to complete it in time it will appear in an art show in October. She emailed me again to get more information on the location where it was taken and what I did to get the shot. This information will be attached somehow with the finished product on that night and credit will be given, I'm thinking WOW.

I am still learning as I go along. This new camera has so many features and this was me just playing around and amazed by what I captured. The picture was taken using a circular polarizer I bought that is suppose to improve contrast and color saturation in blue skies and white clouds. These filters also help with glare on water. I had thought of taking it off before taking this picture but when I seen what it looked like I thought, hmmm, I clicked off a few and hoped for the best. I think its time to take the advice of some family and friends and get serious with this thing I do.