Train the Trainer Part Two (for me)

Posted September 9, 2014 by

Thursday December 2nd was the last day for the third installment of Positive Prevention - Train the Trainer, and my second time going through it. This time though, I was the volunteer helping Megan. The purpose of the course is to hopefully get people involved in a volunteer role or advocating healthier and safe lifestyles for people living with HIV.

When we started doing the course this time, I thought it would be a repeat of the one I went to. I was surprised to learn that there were many changes to some of the topics, like how the laws concerning disclosure had changed in just a few months. There was also some new information on changes in medications and treatments. But most of all, I learned more about myself from listening and sharing with the other participants. The more people we meet that are living with HIV can only help us learn more about our own feelings and our health. I am happy to see the direction the ACG is going, so many good things happening in education, support services, workshops and volunteering. We need this agency and they need to know how they can help us to improve the services. Without them, we only have our medical support.

I had my mind set to volunteer again but someone from this last course spoke up before I did so I wish this person a lot of encouragement; it is very rewarding. Several people who have taken the course have done something to help in some way. Not all opportunities put us out on the street banging a drum; there are many ways we can help ourselves and our agency that protect your privacy. Believe me, this was a real issue of mine.

The next course is on the schedule to start in the new year, call Megan if you are even curious about it, get more information and maybe give it a try, it might really help.......and dinner is supplied, so no rushing home before classes.

I must be getting better at this blogging stuff, I said so much in less words, this is all I got for till the next time, take care and ........ think about it!