Prosthetics, Pleasure & Wellness for Trans People & Their Lovers - Guelph

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 19:00

A hands on workshop about storebought & DIY peace of mind & pleasure

Join us for a hot and informative discussion around prosthetics, sex toys, gender gear, and the ways we make our lives and our bodies more comfortable for us in the ways we live, move, and connect to the world and those around us. We’ll be discussing some of the different options available - including (but not limited to) breast forms, packers, gaffs, stps, pack’n’play, prosthesis, extenders, binders,, dildos, dongs, dicks and anything else that comes up. The workshop will go over proper care and maintenance, how to sterilize and clean them and the differences in available materials - as well as what that means for safety, including STI risks. We’ll also touch on options for barriers with toys and when you might want to consider implementing them into your sessions.

**This workshop is open to trans and cis people, partners, friends, and allies. Cisgender attendees are encouraged to be mindful of the space they inhabit and centre the conversation on, for, and about the experiences of trans and non-binary people.