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Announcing Our Second Annual Red Ribbon Festival!
Our beloved virtual peer conference is back for another year! Join us on Oct 19th and 20th for two full days of sessions that celebrate the expertise and strengths of peer-based programming.
We believe that people who have lived through these oppressive experiences are the ones with the know how to best navigate it, and since our inception ARCH has been embedded in our communities and responsive to our needs. Needs that go beyond intervention frameworks or knowledge translation. Needs that recognize that communities need a place to come together before anything can happen. Needs that acknowledge the role of community care, of art and cultural connections, of empowering individuals to make the change they want to see. We’re looking to the ways that we can better organize and understand one another – what do you wish people knew about your struggles? In what ways could we better understand each other, communicate more effectively, and move through these times, your relationships, and issues of consent, communication, and conflict with greater ease and efficacy?

We invite you to join us to share in this community building event through educational and professional workshops, virtual socials and game shows, and stories and advice from the diverse communities that support and engage with our work. We hope to weave together some of the brilliance here in our region so that we can help bring people together for a stronger tomorrow.

We hope that you’ll join us!
Registration is free, but donations are welcome!
Want to get involved? 
Applications now open for interested presenters, speakers, and storytellers!
At the heart of ARCH’s work is the passion, commitment, and care of the people who make up our incredible community. We know this isn’t our first pandemic, we’ve been living through different crisis’s and trying to support one another as well. So what have we learned? What wisdom do you have to share with our extended communities?

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