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We are expanding our Trans & Non-binary Peer Support and Programming, starting in September 2022!

Tuesday Afternoon Drop-in Sessions (in-person): 2 – 4 pm
For one-on-one & in-person peer support, please visit us at ARCH.
  • Location: 77 Westmount Road, Unit 110, Guelph ON N1H 5J1
  • Appointments with one of our peers are available upon request, please email Skylar at
Tuesday Evening Drop-in Sessions (online): 6 – 8 pm
For community support and resources, group discussions, connecting with peers, and so much more.

Online Peer Support is a live online chat service for people who are navigating their gender identity, trans experience, or those of a loved one who is trans, two spirit, gender non-conforming, or otherwise not cisgender. Facilitated by trained peer worker moderators, each free chat session offers an intentional community, peer-support space for people of all genders who are ages 16 and older. This is a space to share experiences, and to benefit from the empathy and understanding of others in a constructive, peer-to-peer way.

These chat conversations are intended to provide peer-based support only, and are in no way an alternative to therapeutic services or counselling. If you would like more information about services and other programs for navigating your gender, transition, or other needs, please see the links below or ask one of our peer moderators directly.

Having trouble accessing our community chats over Zoom? Check out these tutorials for help!

If you have any questions about the guidelines or how to access our drop-in sessions, please contact Skylar Sookpaiboon at